Garden weddings are the best because they have a certain relaxed, intimate feel to them. That’s exactly what Tina’s Country House and Gardens in Macomb, Michigan, can do for you. Do you have your heart set on a garden wedding? We’ve put together, a couple more reasons why you should consider having a garden wedding:

  • One Location

Location changes can be an inconvenience for your wedding party. If you choose a garden for your ceremony though, you can have the reception there afterward. This eliminates the break which people would use to shuttle between two wedding venues and the wedding spirit continues from the ceremony, right into the reception.

  • Lower Costs

Much like other outdoor weddings, garden weddings are a great way to cut costs for your wedding. Nature is already a beautiful backdrop, so you do not have much to do in the way of decorations.

  • Great Pictures

Again, because you are using an outdoor location, your wedding pictures are sure to come out looking amazing. Just make sure you book a photographer with a good portfolio and experience.

  • Off-Season Bonus

For a couple looking to further lower costs for their wedding, this is an advantage. Garden locations usually want to be in business year-round, so they’ll be sure to give you a great discount if you choose to do your ceremony during the off-peak season. You could do a winter ceremony for instance. The pictures from your wedding will turn out stunning and you’ll pay less for the venue.

  • Numerous Menu Options

Food and drinks are an important part of your wedding. A garden venue means picnic foods and other delicious menu options that accompany garden parties. Your garden venue allows you to go all out when it comes to your menu.

It goes without saying that few places can make your wedding feel special like Tina’s Country House and Gardens in Macomb, Michigan, can. We have more than 30 years of experience when it comes to weddings. Call us and book a visit with us today. We promise to help make your wedding dreams come true.