As we approach the middle of fall and creep towards winter at the end of the year, here are some predictions that we have concerning wedding culture and the events that surround this time of the year. Tina’s Country House and Gardens is a great location for your wedding in Macomb Township, Michigan. Our location has a picture-perfect garden for your outdoor ceremony and two elegant banquet rooms with a capacity of 500 guests each to facilitate a beautiful indoor ceremony if you so require. So, here are our predictions for the wedding trends in the remaining parts of the year.

  • Prices

The prices for both the location and vendors will be a bit on the high side for the next two months with a sharp fall towards the ending of the year.

  • Availability

Couples who have not booked their favorite vendor already before now might have a difficult time doing so because this is the prime wedding season.

  • Colors

Warm jewel tones, deep green and bright white, alongside pumpkin, sage, and blush will be all the rage for the next two months. You also can’t go wrong with rich shades of purple, mustard, navy blue and gold either. The ending of the year will usher in colors like red, brown, silver and blue, alongside mauve, jade, and ivory too.

  • Fashion

A wedding for the next two months will have fashion choices like light materials in the day but with options of a coat or scarf for when it gets colder in the evenings. This will change towards the ending of the year as the temperature changes, and warm clothes all day will be the in-thing.

  • Locations

Outdoor locations will be busy and have traffic for the next two months, while indoor locations will become the best option as the year draws to a close. Here at Tina’s Country House and Gardens, we have both indoor and outdoor facilities to host your events. Why not contact us today and let us help you make your wedding ceremony a dream come true for you and your partner.