By modest, we mean activities that will not cause embarrassment and a rift between you and your spouse should all the details of the event get to her ears. If you are a groom and still reading at this point, allow us to first congratulate your bride-to-be on picking a keeper.
Most bachelor parties are a great time for debauchery and other unspeakable things. If you are trying to step away from the norm, here are some great ideas for the much-needed bonding time between you and your guys:

Golf, soccer, bowling or beach volleyball, you can never go wrong with sports as it is ideal bonding time and is physical. Since it is of course not professional, everyone can join in and the added advantage is the great exercise that you get to have. Plan costs for if you want to rent out a venue, transportation and for refreshments after the games too.

Video Games
You can choose from Call of duty, FIFA, PES and even Super Mario. There is a wealth of video games to pick from and it is a great way to relax, be comfortable and have a good time. The costs for this option are flexible as you can just have everyone bring in their consoles and game discs or you can go big and rent an arcade for the event. Video games are fun and you do not need to have a warrior-like physique to participate.

Go Paint-balling
Paint-balling is a great way to revisit childhood memories with your bachelor party guests. Split the party into teams and proceed to summon your inner warrior, defend your turf and emerge heroes.

Sky Diving
Sky diving is a great bachelor party idea. An activity that exists in lots of peoples bucket lists, the bachelor party is a great opportunity to fulfill this wish. There is usually training before the event, so you may need to schedule more than one day for this activity.

Hiking and Camping Adventures
Rent a cabin the woods, take out tents or just spend the whole day hiking. This is a fun way to enjoy the fresh air and get away from all the hustle and bustle usually involved with the wedding. The cost of this event can even be next to nothing depending on how you plan it. For example, walking is free. Just make sure that everyone is hydrated and stick together.

This option may not be popular with everyone but it can be spiced up by challenging each other on who gets the biggest catch or most catches for the day.

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