Every couple wants their wedding to be different, to mirror exactly who they are, the things they like, and the things they genuinely believe in. And, of course, if you are very keen on protecting the environment, you definitely want this to be seen in your wedding too.

How to plan an environmentally-friendly wedding?

We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Say NO to plastic. As you may very well know it, one of the biggest threats to the environment is our heavy use of plastic. The great news is that most plastic items can be easily replaced with materials that are MUCH friendlier for the nature around us. For your wedding, you can skip all wedding décor elements that contain plastic. Also, you can avoid plastic straws for the cocktails and use paper straws or even pasta (yes, this is an actual thing).
  • Use flowers in pots. While “real” flower arrangements look nice, there’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t pull off flowers in pots. With the help of a good florist, you can actually create arrangements that look lush and beautiful. The great part about this is that those flowers will not wither – you can take them home, share them with your wedding party, or even use them as wedding favors. Everyone will love the idea!
  • Wedding favors that can be planted. Greenery and flowers always help the environment by releasing more oxygen into the air – so why not encourage your wedding guests to do this for the nature around? For instance, you can give them little bags with flower seeds and personalize them with a message like “let our love grow”. It’s cute, romantic, and more than friendly with the environment as well!
  • Edible favors. If you don’t want to give the flower pots as wedding favors, offer edible ones. People love them – and you can even use them as place cards. Just personalize every cookie or add a note to every cupcake with the names of the wedding guests and they will surely love the idea!


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