If you’ve had to postpone your wedding because of this pandemic, then, first of all, we at Tina’s Country House & Gardens would like to sympathize with you. We know these aren’t easy times, and we want to tell you that we are all in this together. Don’t give up hope just yet.

You’ll soon be able to marry the love of your life just like you want. So here are some tips from us on how to still commemorate the original date that you had planned when it comes around.

  • Have Some Cake

This would be even better if you can get the particular flavor that you had chosen for your wedding day. There’s no reason why you still can’t enjoy it after having spent months waiting for it.

  • Write and Exchange Love Letters

Just as you would have done on your wedding morning. Remind yourself of why you’re still together and have come this far. Don’t use the words you had planned for your wedding vow, though. Still keep those for when your wedding happens.

  • Pose for Photos

Dress up a bit and take some fantastic pictures when that day comes. That way, you can capture that moment in time and always look back on it.

  • Celebrate Virtually

Hit up the members of your wedding party online and celebrate the day with them anyways. You can all have a few drinks as you reminisce and talk about plans.

  • Watch Old Wedding Videos

If you still have videos of your parent’s wedding, why not slot them in and have a good time. We think it’s a great way to cherish that day, especially with your partner, right there with you. You could also surprisingly find some great new ideas for your wedding.

  • Reflect on Your Relationship

Spend some time with your partner talking about how far you guys have come. It can serve as a reminder that this is too small to stop your love from moving forward. You can also read each other’s first chats and look at pictures of your first date and other special moments. Best of luck!

Here at Tina’s Country House & Gardens, we specialize in hosting meaningful and memorable events in Macomb Township, Michigan. If you’re looking for an excellent venue for your wedding, that’s us, and we’d be glad to hear from you. Give us a call today!