Weddings can be interesting and most times when it seems like 1 thing is going to go out of line, couples lose it. Literally! There are mental breakdowns, lots of shouts, and full-on bridezilla mode. But it doesn’t always have to be like that.

Some of those things that you think will be the end of your wedding if they happen, might just end up having very simple solutions if you’d just think about it. Here are 5 simple solutions to 5 wedding dilemmas that might seem like a very huge deal but are not.

  • When Your Dad Isn’t There to Walk You Down the Aisle

If your dad has passed and so can’t walk you down the aisle, that isn’t what to focus on. The question should be, how you intend to honor him. One bride used her father’s wristwatch to secure her bouquet while another had his suits tailored to fit her.

There are so many ways to do it but the fact remains that never has there been a wedding that was less because the bride’s father was absent. Embrace that this is a uniqueness about your wedding and flow with it.

  • Everyone Wants to Come Dress Shopping

Well, they can’t. Only people who you trust or you know have your best interests at heart should go wedding dress shopping with you.

When you do go, make sure that you aren’t bamboozled into getting a gown you are not comfortable in. Get a gown that not only flatters you but is comfortable when you wear it.

  • No One Understands What I Want

Have you tried using images? Whether you’re talking to your florist, hairdresser, designer, or cake maker, it is always easier for people to get what you mean when they have images to work with. So, try using images.

  • I Don’t Know What Looks Good on Me

Take a look at the clothes that you love most in your wardrobe. What do they have in common? Use them as the starting point to get a dress that goes over and beyond what they do. Add some sparkle, a daring neckline, some volume and voila, a dress that is special, but is still you.

  • My Mum Has Made Herself My Unofficial Wedding Planner

The best way to solve this is to assign her one massive task. It needs to be so time-consuming that it’ll keep her occupied and away from breathing down your neck. Examples are, compiling a list of all your local hotels and checking them out so she can pick the best for your out of town guests. Or interviewing a long list of caterers so she can present you with a top 3 that you’ll then choose from. See? Easy!

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