If this is will be your first time at a wedding, and you’ve received the invite with words including black-tie written in them next to the dress code, it can get pretty confusing. But not to worry, we at Tina’s Country House & Gardens have got you covered when it comes to an explanation. One rule when it comes to weddings is that you have to figure out your attire pretty quickly, so here we are, clearing the air where three kinds of black-tie wedding codes are concerned,

  • Full Evening

This the peak of formal wear. Men are expected to wear a full black tuxedo, complete with tails and a white bow tie. The tux should have a white tuxedo vest and dress shirt underneath it. Light-colored gloves and formal dress shoes, usually black oxfords, can help you pull the look together. Women, on the other hand, are expected to show up in a long ball gown or evening gown with high-end jewelry and tasteful makeup. It must be floor length, and you should at least be in heels.

  • Black Tie

This dress code is a bit of a step down from the full evening dress code above. Men are still limited to tuxedos but can wear a bow tie during this event. A leather derby or oxford dress shoes is a beautiful finish to this ensemble. Women, on the other hand, can choose anything from a formal evening gown to a pantsuit for this event. Heels or flats are appropriate, and a statement coat or shawl is also allowed.

  • Black Tie Optional or Formal

At an optional black-tie event, you have more flexibility while remaining formal overall. When you receive a wedding invitation that says “black tie optional,” it means you have more flexibility where the dressing is concerned. You still have to keep the overall style formal. Formal and black tie optional are closely related, and it is not possible to show up overdressed at weddings like these. Men can wear a tuxedo or go for a formal suit instead, while women’s attire stays, the same as above.

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